What year was Coastal Homes registered as a construction company?



Where do you build?

We build from Warkworth to Whangarei and anywhere in between.


How many builders to you have available?

Currently we have 10 builders available on job sites.


Do you have a showhome available?

Yes we have a showhome which you are welcome to come and look through.

12 William Gilbert Place, Mangawhai


Do you have plans available?

Yes come and visit us at our display home at 12 William Gilbert Place, Mangawhai we have over 35 house design ideas and many plans for you to look through to help you come up with your unique design.


What are your square metre rates?

Our square metre rates start at $2800 and go upwards depending on specification level.

What materials do you build in?

We will build in any materials you like, Brick, Timber, Linea, Cedar

What are the build times for new houses?

It does depend on the size and specification of your house, but an average three bedroom house will take 6-7 months to complete, including the trades. A formal timeframe will be given when the contract is issued.


Can you start builds in the middle of winter?

On most sites it is possible to carry out earthworks all year round.


What is Contract Works Insurance?

On each new job, Coastal Homes applies for contract works insurance policy which covers the company risk and public liability insurance cover for the duration of the build period.  Once we hand the home over to you, that insurance will lapse and your private home insurance will take over. 


Once I pay the agreement to proceed to working drawings, when can I expect my drawings to be finalised and lodged with Council?

We will start to complete the detailed drawings, collect the site specific data and make final checks of all the paperwork so we can submit the Building Consent Application.  We estimate this will take between 4-5 weeks. 


What is a PC Sum?

A price cumulative sum is an amount of money that is recorded in your Building Agreement where we do not yet know the final cost, for example your kitchen.  Once your choices have been finalised and a price confirmed you will receive either a credit back or an invoice for the difference.


What is a soil report?

A soil report is necessary to determine what ground conditions are like below ground where your house will be. The report will determine whether additional support is required within the footings should substandard soil be encountered. A soil with a low bearing capacity will cost more to build on than one with good soil and other options regarding building may need to be considered.


When will we get Code of Compliance?

At the end of build process, we will issue a practical completion certificate and will obtain code of compliance from Council.